We made lemon cordial with Nan today. It is seriously good. Just lemons, sugar and water.


Some birthday presents for little girls. Made from scraps.


I'm trying to use up lots of materials that I have been given. I have all my sewing things in my wardrobe and my clothes are getting swallowed up by fabric piles. Here are two skirts I have made recently with some scraps.


I've had 4 years of sewing for girls and so here is my first attempt at sewing for boys.


I think this is only available overseas. If only it was available in Australia and in the Toy Sales!


I made this ages ago. It is a soft pendant for a child's necklace. Perhaps I need to revisit this idea.


Source: Creativity and love

How beautiful is this doily garland? So pretty. Unfortunately I did make it. I found it on this wonderful blog.


Some more kids craft. A butterfly.


I managed to make this top over the weekend. First time sewing stretch fabric.


Weekend fun with opshop find


It's been really overcast rainy weather for a few days so today we got out the felt pens and pencils and decorated a big carboard cubby castle. Lots of fun.


I've managed another crocheted hexagon for each day of June (and more). I thought I had enough to put the rug together but when I put them all down on the floor, it seems I have only made a lap rug thus far. Aaaaahhh. I have a feeling I may just put it all together soon as I don't want this to be another WIP for years to come.

We been busy birthday crafting with sewing 5 party bags...
a mermaid cake....

And some posies for the table...