Image: Make Something

Love the patchwork skateboard over at Make Something. What a great idea and the process could be applied to other wooden objects.


I've been sewing like a mad woman to get these cushions done in one night after the kids went to bed.


Something to do with scraps. The kids have enjoyed drawing bodies and faces on these dresses/clothes.

We had the garden bunting out last weekend for a special celebration. Too many people packed into our small house but everyone had a good day (especially the birthday boy). The bunting is made from old business shirts.


Image: Fake Virigina

One of the kids told me tonight that dinner tasted like dog food. Charming. It was my second attempt at the slow cooker. Both times my food has turned out bland and lacking depth of flavour. I'm using recipes from scratch (not sachet packets). Failed on the ratatouille. Failed on the beef goulash. I thought slow cookers were easy. Any advice?


quilt festival

I am participating the in Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival. And my entry is very, very understated. You may think it doesn't look like much... just a lot of white flannelette. It took me ages to make. I was so pregnant at the time I started that my Mum bought all the materials for me because I couldn't carry them. It is the size of a queen bed and took many hours to make (and many reels of cotton thread!). It's extremely heavy and so snuggly in the winter.


A little boxy pouch I made using Three Bears tutorial.


Finishing off some works in progress. This one was half done by my sister and finished by me. The green dinosaur mat. Cute sewing for boys. I recovered the little chair in the background a few years ago.


Picked up on a walk to the park.


Today I picked up this basket from the opshop. Then I crocehted a 8 petal flower motif and covered a button with some babushka material to make it look pretty. It is a really unusal shape. So good.


Afternoon tea time. Sink your teeth in!


Some Friday night sewing... plus a Saturday morning sleep in for me. Yay!


Image: Patchwork Angel

I've crocheted a bag and sewn the lining but I can't figure out what handles to go with. Anyone had any experience with crocheted bags and handles? I'm really wanting some leather or leather looking handles. Maybe pink... maybe brown. The pattern is from Stich Style Bags. I'd like longer handles so I can put it over my shoulder.

Image: We make words

I really like this blog. It's funny, smart and sweet. Interestingly enough each post contains only one word.


Image: Melly & Me

The ladies over at Melly & Me have a free tutorial for making a kokeshi doll. It looks very cute.


From over the fence.


I made this a while ago and just came across the photo. It's a bag to hang on the door to put knick knacks in.


Hoping I might find one of these on eBay before xmas. If only we had such girly lego when we were little.


Always thinking of making myself some clothes but never find the time. This milkmaid skirt tutorial looks quick and easy.


I just got these half finished panels from my sister. Will have to make them into a quilt sooner rather than later. Thinking of binding them in white. Not sure...


I've just whipped up a bubble crochet poncho for my neglected Blythe doll. I've had her 6 years and have never made her anything or bought her any new clothes. I think she needs her hair brushed too.

Image: Mental Floss Blog

Question: Am I still a good mum if my child falls asleep with a strawberry ChupaChup in her mouth? Totally hypothetical, of course. hehe.


Images: Lucky Bee Bee

The latest craze in our house (or maybe for me? :-)). Lucky Bee Bee necklaces and bracelets for little girls. They are just so unbelievably cute and we have been picking them up cheap as chips at KMart. They have been discounted to $2 a charm and $8 necklace with 3 charms. Yes, the fortune cookie has a real fortune in it and the babushka has 3 dolls. And the lunchbox has a mini sandwich in it. There are over 70 charms to collect. We might have to stop at the 12 or so we have ;-)

Busy sewing for kindy. Apparently noone sews these days. I was shocked to hear but then I have spent the past few years lurking on sewing blogs! hehe. Some new bedding - fitted sheets, top sheets, quilts and pillows. The dolls will be very comfy.

Choc chip cookies
125g butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg
13/4 cup self raising flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
125g choc chips

Cream together butter, sugars and vanilla. Add lightly beaten egg. Mix in sifted flour and salt. Add choc chips. Shape into small balls and bake until golden.


Images: Fred Flare, Russian Doll USD Flash Drive

More Fred Flare love. She holds 1GB. Would be cute on the work desk!

Image: Fred Flare Little Red Riding Hood Tea Pot

Just been checking out Fred Flare... everything is too cute. Maybe I could score a bargain for Mother's Day. 30%off everything.

Images: Lego Toys

This would make little people and big people in the house VERY happy. hehe.


Is there A Granny A Day in May group for 2010? I have decided to get cracking on some hexagons. The pattern is from Attic 24. All the tutorials are very easy and clear.


Been out and about this morning playing Tinkerbell and Peter Pan in the park.


I've got a tin of hexagons to piece together into... something. I am not sure what but it is relaxing to do when I get the chance.