For this bag I tried not to put too much onto it. Just a hint of colour peeping out of the 2 ends.


I love nothing better than scouring opshops. I think I could do it all day most days of the week. (Especially without little people to take care of!). It was 50% off at the local opshop today. I seem to be finding lots of pretty cotton dresses and tops at the moment. Yay!

From our weekend outing... loving the crotchet rugs. hehe


Some bits and pieces turns into....

and this...

I have always been afraid of making my own Play Dough. I thought it would take a long time and dry out quickly. However I found the recipe below (can't remember where... it was a long time ago) on the web and it is just so easy. It doesn't take long and the good thing about it is that if you keep it in an airtight container, it stays so moist and fresh. I will never buy the real stuff again!
Play Clay or Play Dough Recipe
2 cups water
1 cup salt
food colouring (.5 teaspoon for pastel colour and 1.5 teaspoon for vivid colour)
4 teaspoons cream of tartar
4 tablespoons oil
2 cups flour
1. Combine water, salt, cream of tartar and food colouring in large saucepan
2. Cook on low heat and stir. As the mixture heats up, stir in the oil then the flour slowly
3. Keep stirring until it starts looking dry and pulling away from the saucepan
4. Remove from heat and pinch a piece between 2 fingers. If it is not sticky, it is done. Otherwise, continue stirring over low heat
5. Place dough on counter and knead until smooth
6. Store in airtight container


Image: Life under the avocado tree

Isn't this the cutest little homemade kids kitchen you have ever seen? Check out this blog for more info. It's very clever. Goes to show what some white contact can do.

It's been a little while between posts. Just the usual routines catching up on me. There is nothing like an acquaintance to ask you to do a sewing job that stretches your skills. I was asked to make some cushions using some leftover fabric from a professional upholstery job. I decided to try an invisible zip with these. I got a universal invisible zipper foot for the new Janome. It was really really difficult to get it onto the machine. You just kind of have to squeeze it onto the shank even though it doesn't feel like it will fit. The plastic seems like it might snap very easily after a few rounds of taking the foot on and off. But it only cost $6.95 so I can't complain! I made 3 cushions but only photographed 2.


Today I followed the tutorial on Made to sew up a vest for my boy from a knitted shirt I got at the opshop. The tutorial was very easy and I made the vest really quickly. This is the first thing I have sewn on the new machine (Janome DC2101) and it was great to sew on. It's so quiet compared to my old Brother 3022.


I did it! I have 31 crocheted hexagons done for each day of May. Now I will try for 30 more for June.


Big purchase round here. I bought a new sewing machine. Janome Dc2101. I've been dreaming about it for a while and saving our pennies. I have literally sewed my old machine into oblivion. Crazily enough, I have had the new machine for 5 days and have had no time to open the box!! OMG!!