Image: Patchwork Angel

I've crocheted a bag and sewn the lining but I can't figure out what handles to go with. Anyone had any experience with crocheted bags and handles? I'm really wanting some leather or leather looking handles. Maybe pink... maybe brown. The pattern is from Stich Style Bags. I'd like longer handles so I can put it over my shoulder.


  1. Hi Claire, your bag in the sneak photo looks very beautiful! My friend Helen crocheted a bag (see the post link below that I put on my blog) and she crocheted the handles to match and then sewed them on by hand and covered the stitch with a flower. My Mum made one for me the same sort of way and I wear it over my shoulder, but you can't put heavy things in the bag otherwise the handles stretch too much. If you wanted to go with leather though you could always pop the leather flap between the ouside and lining, stitch it into place and then cover the stitching with a nice chunky button?
    Looking forward to seeing it when it's finished :-)

  2. Thanks Mel. I will have to get onto it. There are too many projects and not much time in the day with 2 small kids!